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An innovative range of pedestrian gate closers designed to be fitted to a wide variety of gates and turn them into self closing and safe gates. There are models designed for new production gates and models suitable for retro fitting

We provide a range of high quality gas springs and dampers that are typically manufactured within 5 to 7 working days. Our gas spring application design service is also available for engineers

Dictator Engineering Limited UK have been producing high quality gas springs and gas struts for over 23 years within the UK. We have taken the performance & reliability of our UK gas springs beyond the reaches of many other gas spring manufacturers, but at the same time we have strived to develop & maintain a consistently short production lead time for our bespoke gas struts.

Gas strut or gas spring technology has been used for many years to control objects and their movement, Dictator have developed gas strut application design software that assists our customers in maximizing the potential performance of their applications.

In the last 10 years Dictator have also become highly regarded within the UK for its range of No slam gate closers, these gate closers utilise mechanical, hydraulic & gas spring based technologies to create smooth & controlled closure speeds. The gate closers are suitable for fitting to pedestrian gates to turn them into safe, reliable self closing gates.

Dictator No slam gate closers can convert many types of gates such as: steel security gates, garden gates, playground gates and field gates into easy to use and safe self closing gate systems. Self closing gates are quickly becoming the standard for many markets and Dictator have a solution to most gate closer applications.

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